[SUBW-A] Re: Appropriate topics for lists.

Louise de_Beuzeville luisitadb at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 3 15:55:17 AEST 2000

I can't believe I am becoming involved in this #$%$@#%@#$ bull@!#$@ again. 
I, like Penny, have no idea about how to work the complicated list system. 
If it's for many people I hit reply all, if it's for one or two, I send it 
to them.

This is what my climbing club agreed to, and I think it's a good idea:

One list, with Appropriate headings. That is, don't discuss the list with a 
heading of Nessy's back. Write something like: what should be in the list. 
Then people who aren't interested don't have to read it, and people who are, 
can. In addition, inthe SRC (Sydney Rockies) the committee members write 
COM: before anything from the committee relating to committee matters. It 
seems to be working well. There were still one or two people unhappy, but 
they can bugger off and get info from the mailouts or by phone.

I think this is a far better system than having two lists. I also get heaps 
of stuff from both clubs that I'm not interested, but if I don't need to 
read it, I don't. eg "Trip this Sun" and I know I'm busy, I delete. Or "trip 
with Dave Noble" I delete!! HAHA!! Sorry, couldn't resist!



PS Now let's see how many people (apart from Dave) complain about this.
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