[SUBW-A] trip

adeb0232 at mail.usyd.edu.au adeb0232 at mail.usyd.edu.au
Thu Apr 27 17:13:27 AEST 2000

Hi all

Please don't get pissed off at me but this is not 
a trip announcement but please read on.

To try to solve some of the problem of unwanted 
stuff being posted on the email list (because 
apparently it is now moderated) I will compile a 
list of everyones name and email address because 
as far as I know such a list doesn't exist (I know 
about the mailing list but it isn't always 
possible to tell who the address belongs to from 
that list).

If you want your name on the list please respond 
to this email with your name (and alias, if you 
have one and phone number, if you want) in the 
subject box and I will collect everyones name and 
email addresses and compile the list. I will then 
post the list back to both "subw-announce" and 
"subw" mailing lists and who ever wants to can 
copy it for future reference. 

Please don't reply to this email by saying just 
hit the reply button when you want to email 
someone directly because if you're anything like 
me you will have accidentally deleted the email 
you want to respond to. 

Alex Debono   

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