[SUBW-A] Trip Report - Canyoning Northern Blue Mts - 7 Oct 00

David Noble dnoble at ozemail.com.au
Sun Oct 8 11:02:25 AEDT 2000

Trip Report - Canyoning - Northern Blue Mts - 7 Oct 00

Party - Damon Ward, Alex Debono, Dave Forbes, Dave Noble

After meeting at Strathfield, we drove to the North Richmond Bakery
where we met up with Dave F who was riding up on his trail bike. After a
few light snacks, we continued up onto the Newnes Plateau area. We set
of on foot down an old road, after viewing some spectacular pagodas, we
left the road and continued through some scrub to the start of our first
canyon. This began in an incredible maze of pagodas - some of the most
intricately carved ones we had seen. Some had ledges that stuck out more
than 1 metre - and were wafer thin. After admiring the views, we started
into the canyon. It began in a narrow fashion as it dropped into a
fissure. We abseiled in - down a very greasy wall into a shallow pool of
water. A little below another side canyon entered on the left - it was
extremely narrow! The main canyon continued down a very narrow drop. We
had to take off and pass down our day packs in order to fit down the
awkward scramble. Two more side canyons came in - from both the left and
right. The main canyon ended with another small abseil. Some of the
party explored an interesting tunnel below the drop.

This was the end of a very fascinating canyon. To exit, we had to
traverse on a ledge for a few hundred metres before dropping into a
large gorge with another abseil. At the bottom, we stopped for lunch,
and then continued up the main creek as it went through a short section
of canyon.

It was then a short walk back to the car. On the way out, we detoured a
bit and set off for a nearby pair of canyons. These were reached
quickly. Alex was in front - and reported back to us that the creek
ahead was narrow. I had visited this canyon before - and told the party
- "It doesn't look like you can get through - its so narrow - but you
can!". We rigged up the rope and did a short abseil into a deep pool.
Packs had to come off for a short swim through the very narrow section.
After that the canyon was dry - but still deep, dark and narrow. After a
lower drop we exited via another nearby canyon. We could scramble up all
the drops in it and then climb back up onto the ridge.

On the way back to town, we stopped for open hamburgers and beers at the
Kurrajong Heights Hotel. A good trip - 4 canyons completed and a welcome
escape from the 35 degree temeratures forecasted for the city that day.
Thanks to Damon for all the driving.


David Noble
dnoble at ozemail.com.au

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