[SUBW-A] Trip: Royal National Park, 14-15 Sept (this sat+sun)

Joe Y.C. Li, a Beacon in an Otherwise Dark and Stormy Night ycli at bigfoot.com
Mon Oct 9 20:26:47 AEDT 2000

hi everyone:

we are going to tramp the coastal track in the royal national park this coming weekend.

this is a popular track of natural beauty, undulating for 26 kilometres from bundeena to otford, past many waterfalls, cliffs, beaches, etc.  this part of the coast features magnificent rock cliffs pounded by the tasman, beautiful beaches and rock pools for a plunge, wildlife in abundance, and great views down the south coast on fine days.

the track is very easy, and we plan to do it in very relaxed fashion, ie. very slowly and lots of breaks.  there will be lots of swims whenever a suitable place beckons.  with the bushfires around a bonfire is probably out of question, but we'll see what we can do.  the way the weather is going these days we'll probably be lucky with the weather.

we'll depart late saturday morning and return early sunday afternoon.  public transport serves both ends of the track.

if you're interested let me know.  it will be a very very relaxing weekend, perfect for after-exam stress relief.


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