[SUBW-A] Trip Report 9-10 October Katoomba to Kings Tableland via Mt Solitary

Chris Berwick chris_berwick at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 10 08:54:30 AEDT 2000

Party – Chris Berwick and Simon Stebbing

We set off from Katoomba dumping 5 litres of Simon’s 8 litres of water in a 
bin, as I advised him there should be water at least where we were planning 
to camp on Mt Solitary, even though I knew it had been very dry lately. We 
then proceeded down the steps beside the Scenic Railway and leisurely 
followed the tourist trail past the landslide and on to the castle for 

We continued up to Mt Solitary in the afternoon, while at the same time 
Simon was consuming a fair proportion of his remaining water. Knowing that 
we needed water we descended the first intermittent creek on Mt Solitary 
only to find a dark pool of water near the bone dry waterfall. We decided to 
collect some of this water in case we found no other, as this was looking 
very likely. We used Simon’s filter to fill a few litres, and the colour was 
similar to dark grape juice.

We continued to the next intermittent creek to again find that it was dry, 
but some fellow campers directed us upstream to where there were some pools 
and the flow was just dripping. We dumped our rotted ‘dark grape juice’ 
water and filled with clear drinkable water. What a relief! We camped in a 
pleasant spot nearby.

We were unsure of our desired route was for the next day, originally 
planning to reach Wentworth Falls via a scrub and creek bash. After awaking 
at 7 and setting off at 7:30, we opted for an easier and quicker route out 
via the track down to Kedumba River, and up to meet the road for the ascent 
through the cliffs, and up to the old hospital. We arrived here at midday 
and hollered for taxi (via a mobile phone) to Wentworth Falls.

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