[SUBW][SUBW-A] Bushwalker's Ball

Louise de_Beuzeville luisitadb at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 12 17:40:05 AEDT 2000

OK Slackers.

According to Sally, the ad below has not drawn much interest from the club 
members. What, are you long time members too old and decrepit to come along 
for a bit of fun. We always had fun when I was young!!

And if the oldies (yeah, I'm talking to the likes of youse guyses Roger, 
Ashley, Ted etc) are too boring to come along, what about the newer members? 
It isn't any fun with 5 people, but it's loads of fun with a dozen. (Or at 
least 13!). Now if you're all too dull to come, I'm going to sit with the 
Span table. At least they have lots of single blue eyed boys in the 25-35 
year age range! (At least Sally and Sue and I found one!)


PS And save the smart arsed "Oh do you promise?" responses from the likes of 
Dylan. It's too predictable.

>The annual Confederation Bushwalkers Ball (ie. Bushdance) is on this Friday
>(13th) at Petersham Town Hall from 7.30pm to midnight, $10 entry.
>The theme this year is apparently  "Witches and Warlocks".  SUBW has a 
>tradition of failing to win the theme prize, despite always having the best
>table (of course!) and even resorting to bribing the judge!
>Its should be a fun evening, especially if we can get a good sized crowd
>together.  We usually also meet up somewhere for a feed beforehand.   If 
>are interested in coming along, drop me a line so I can get an idea of
>numbers and can let you know the details for dinner.
>Sally Partridge
>CSIRO Molecular Science
>PO Box 184  North Ryde  NSW  1670
>tel: (02) 9490 5161
>fax: (02) 9490 5005
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