[SUBW-A] Trip Report - Canyoning 14 - 15 Oct 00

David Noble dnoble at ozemail.com.au
Mon Oct 16 00:28:38 AEDT 2000

Trip Report - Canyoning (Northern Blue Mts) 14 - 15 Oct 00

Party - Saturday: Martin Pfeil (from UTSOAC), Chris Berwick and Dave Noble
Sunday - Martin and Dave, Dave Forbes, Joan and Rowan.

On Saturday morning - after the Bushwalkers Ball, Chris Berwick and
myself met up with Martin Pfeil from UTS Outdoor Adventure Club and went
in Martin's car to the Zig Zag railway turn off. From there we headed
out along a rough fire trail into the Wollangambe Wilderness. We left
the car and set off down a ridge at first and then down into a creek to
check it out for canyon potential. There were some nice rock pagodas at
first - and eventually the creek had a reasonable section of canyon.
There was at least one swim but no abseils (we were carrying two
ropes!). The canyon ended when the creek joined up to a larger creek
which was in mild flood. We climbed back up onto the ridge at the
junction and had lunch on top - trying to get out of the wind. After
lunch we walked back along the ridge for a bit and then decided to check
out another nearby creek. This one was pleasant but not a canyon. It was
then an easy walk back along the ridge to the car.

Chris had to be back in Sydney that evening, so we went to the Mt Vic
pub for tea and a few drinks. We farewelled Chris, who is leaving for a
year or so in England in a few days time (lookout Mr Bean and Vanessa).

Martin and myself camped part way out along the Mt Victoria Falls Road.
The night was pretty windy.

On Sunday - the wind was worse and the temperatures were a bit cool for
canyoning. So instead of doing the canyons we intended (some wet ones) -
we decided to look at ones likely to be dry.

We drove to Bell, where we met up with Joan and Rowan and Dave Forbes.
It was then out along roads to near the Glow Worm Tunnel. The first
canyon was a very short distance from the car and began with an abseil
down a narrow slot. Part way down we had to bridge accross a nasty pool
to avoid getting wet. Then the canyon opened up a bit, but then narrowed
with another abseil. This was down another narrow slot and had an
"interesting" middle bit. After this the canyon ended. We continued
downstream a bit and then up a larger creek. This was not canyon - but
it did have a 20m waterfall that we could climb around.

After lunch  back at the cars, we drove a few more kms and then did a
short but spectacular dry canyon that wasn't too far from the road. This
was quite nice.

The it was back to the cars for the drive back to Sydney.

The weather on the weekend was very cold for canyoning - but we all had
a good time.

Dave Noble
David Noble
dnoble at ozemail.com.au

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