[SUBW-A] Slide Night - Pub Meeting before

David Noble dnoble at ozemail.com.au
Tue Oct 24 07:41:26 AEDT 2000

Hello all

For those who like to have a "throat-opener" and/or a meal before the
slide night this Wednesday - some of us like to meet at the historic
Forest Lodge Hotel from about 6 - 6:15 pm. The pub is located near the
Uni at the corner of Forest and Arundel Streets (Arundel st is the road
on the west side of the footbridge near the Footbridge theatre). Or you
can use the on-line map at:


(hope this works)

While on the subject of links you may want to peruse this interesting
link on the  the health effects of cycling:



David Noble
dnoble at ozemail.com.au

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