[SUBW-A] Trip Report - Canyoning - 10/11 Feb 01

David Noble dnoble at ozemail.com.au
Mon Feb 12 23:29:18 AEDT 2001

Trip Report - Canyoning - 10/11 Feb 01


Party - A mixture of people from SUBW and climbing friends - Matthew
Hole, Rik Deverage, Andrew Valja, Greg James, Dave Forbes, Chris Turner,
Helma Brandlemier, Wolf and myself.

We went alonga firetrail in the northern Blue Mts and after parking set
off towards a known canyon. Not many in the party had been down this
before - and we first had to check if that we had not fat people with us
- otherwise thet would not have been able to fit though. Sure enough
this canyon was very, very narrow - and after a lot of squeezing and
three abseils later we all were at the bottom. A nearby pass out of a
magnificent amphitheatre saw us at the top of the cliffs once agin - and
from htere it was a short walk to the next canyon. Andrw had scouted
this out on an earlier trip - so we knew it was canyon - but as far we
knew - no one had visite it before. It prooved to be quite spectacular -
with about 6 abseils. The last was a double rope abseil dowm the final
wall. We named the canyon "Windows" canyon after a window in an arch at
the bottom of the 4th abseil.

After this, it was a bit of a walk back to the cars - and then a drive
back in the rain to the Gardeners Inn pub at Blackheath for a feed and a
few drinks (well recommended). Some of us camped nearby that night - and
three of us continued canyoning on the Sunday.


Party - Rik, Dave F and me

This time we set off looking for a canyon that we had heard about but
none of us had seen before.

In light rain we set of for the northern Blue Mts once again - and this
time parked the car and set off along an overgrown road into a creek
This creek was nice but not canyon - and once we got to a larger creek
junction we climbed out and entered another creek nearby (the one we
should have been in in the first place!) - this was better, two jumps
into pools (and cold swims) - then three exciting abseils - the first
off a tree, the second off a sling round a tree fern - and the third off
a sling jammed into a crack to complete the canyon. This canyon was very
nice. It was then back to the car for a late lunch and then a drive back
to Blackheath and Wentworth Falls where Rik dropped us off.

David Noble
dnoble at ozemail.com.au

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