[SUBW-A] Trip Report - Canyoning (Froth and Bubble and Crikey) - 6 Apr 02

David Noble dnoble at ozemail.com.au
Sun Apr 7 10:18:58 AEST 2002

Trip Report - Canyoning (Froth and Bubble and Crikey) - 6 Apr 02

Party: Dave Noble, Andrew Mitchell, Ben Kong, Alex Debono, Richard Wood,
Mitchell Isaacs.

We met up at 8am at the North Richmond Bakery and pulled out some maps
to work out what we were going to do. With a somewhat larger party than
I had expected I rulled out a quick trip out to the remote Exit Canyon -
so we decided to try and link together both Froth and Bubble and Crikey Canyons.

We started walking from the Waratah Ridge car park about 10am and an
hour later completed the road section of the walk and then continued
along a fairly open ridge towards Froth and Bubble Canyon. This we
entered around noon - with an abseil off a chockstone into a dark
chamber. A few drops and swims followed and we soon completed the first
canyon. We then quickly found a pass down to the Bungleboori and after a
short break headed up another pass towards the top of Crikey Canyon.
Some fun was had on the way down to the creek when I led the party down
a very narrow crack that formed a pass down through the cliff. Alex and
myself just fitted through - but unfortunately Mitch, who had not been
to Jenny Craig for a while, found the pass impassible and had to back
out forcing those behind him to retreat as well. Richard showed that it
was possible to make himself thinner by degassing (this was not a very
popular move in the narrow confines of the crack!). Eventually the whole
party got down and entered Crikey Creek just before the canyon started.
Here a short lunch break was had (2:15 pm).

Crikey Canyon was dark, cold and errie - and those in the party who had
not visited it before were deeply impressed. Having three short ropes
meant we could make fast progress - and we were soon through the canyon.

Then it was quick trip back up the Bungleboori to our pass out. It was
late afternoon by the time we regained the Waratah Ridge - and we
continued without a pause till we got back to the fireroad just after
dark at 6:30pm. Then followed an hours walk back to the cars.

On the way back to town, we stopped at North Richmond for pizza.

An excellent trip - and a good way to end the summer canyoning season.

Dave Noble
David Noble
dnoble at ozemail.com.au

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