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I've already written this trip report but it seems to have disappeared, so i'll 
try again.

Freshers Trip- 23-24 March 2002. Victoria Falls to Govetts Leap.

Party: Tim Bray, Murielle Poels, Shiobian Toohill, Richard Wood, Sandy Chio, 
Lauren, Jesse, Greg Smith (Saturday), Mitchell Issaccs (Sunday) and me (Alex 

The trip up to the mountains was a very quiet one, possibly due to the early 
start (caught the 6AM train from Central). Once we arrived at Mt Victoria and 
decided some people weren't going to turn up, we headed off in pretty miserable 
weather. Thanks to Greg we managed to get driven out to the Victoria Falls LO 
in a couple of trips. After admiring the disappearing view from the lookout the 
weather began to clear and we headed down to the falls stopping at the bottom 
to enjoy the surrounds. We then continued along the Grose where we informed the 
uninitiated of the difference between the good guys (ie gumnut babies) and the 
the bad guys (ie the evil banksia men). 

After a lazy lunch break, Greg had to leave us as he could only stay for the 
day, but we continued on till we found a pool deep enough for a swim. All 
enjoyed a quick but cold dip. We then continued on to Little Blue Gum where we 
spent the night. Setting up camp was pretty straight forward as all had done 
some walking before and no one was really a true fresher. After dinner, various 
beverages were produced followed soon by Mitchell, who turned up in the dark 
with a story about disappearing ground to explain the various bumps and 
scratches which he acquired on the walk in from Perry's. Dinner was followed by 
an excellent apple crumble thanks to Siobhian (and Dicky who added that little 
something extra in the form of ashes and other assorted crud).

To most people's amazement, by the time bed time rolled around at about 2 or 3 
AM we had managed to polish off several litres of wine (of varying quality, 
apparently?) a six pack, a bottle of tequila and a cask of port!

The next morning didn't start till somewhere around lunch time for reasons 
which may be obvious. Richard again managed to impress with his culinary skills 
with his pancakes, this time with a little less crud. We walked through Blue 
Gum forest, stopping to admire the impressive trees, the views and a red 
bellied black which decided to join us (followed closely by a little brown 
which three of us almost stepped on as it scurried off the track). 

Lunch and a swim was had at Junction Rock with a number of other parties coming 
and going. Here Mitchell had to turn back for his car which was waiting at 
Perry's. Most enjoyed the water (some without even going for a swim) and we 
polished off the anonomous contents of a few bladders from the night before. 
The walk up to Govetts Leap was enjoyable passing through rainforest before 
emerging at the falls which were impressive. 

We were met at the top of Govetts by Mitchell who ferried us back to 
Blackheath. Some caught the train straight away while the rest of us enjoyed a 
meal (which unfortunately did not consist of pies) at the Gardeners before 
heading home. 


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