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Sat Apr 27 01:25:14 AEST 2002

Ok this is really really late but if I don't send it then it never will
be.  As they say, better late than never.  So here it goes:

Trip Report: Kangaroo Creek Stupor

7th April 2002

Jacinta Issacs (Australian)
Udo Kannengiesser (Deutsche)
Stefanie Scheff (American)
Anneke Vollebregt (Dutch New Zealander)
Joe (Ein verrukto Zigeuner und Alkoholiker)

I am really not the best person to be writing this trip report, as I was
bordering on unconsciousness for most of the trip.  Having polished off
nearly an entire bottle of Johnny Walker the night before, danced for 7
hours until 3:30am and slept only for 3 hours, the particulars of the
Sunday are, well, slightly hazy.  But I think it went something like

6:30am, BAL = 0.288%: Cursed alarm clock.

7:00am, BAL = 0.276%: Got out of bed only because I was supposed to be
the trip leader, and voodoo from four people on a no-show trip leader
will be a bit too much to handle even for this hardened voodoo veteran.

7:30am, BAL = 0.264%: Got on train.  Opened book and tried to read.

7:31am, BAL = 0.26399%: Read one line before collapsing on the seat.

9:09am, BAL = 0.222%: Somehow managed to get off one train and get onto
another.  And somehow managed to get off at Heathcote station rather
than wherever else.  The enthusiastic mob started the introductions
while I found an excuse to sit down on a seat, pretending to do up my
tramping boots.  I really wasn't being antisocial but it was just too
hard to remain vertical...

10:00am, BAL = 0.204%: The area behind Heathcote township was swept by
the recent bushfires.  That would not have been too much of a problem if
I had been navigating properly.  But since I was not really in any
capacity to do so, we pretty quickly strayed off the track and soon came
upon a cliff which was not supposed to be there.  Thankfully I still
remembered to bring a map despite the inebriation.  My brain was bullied
into working when a map was stuck in front of my eyes, so we corrected
our course and set upon the correct track.

This area was quite plain before the bushfires.  But four months after,
it presented a vista of energy and vigour as the bush grew back.
Darkened stumps were crowned with effervescent green leaves.  The sun
shone through what would have been the canopy bestowed a fluorescent
colour to the young leaves.  It was a peculiarly beautiful scene of
charred stumps, fluorescent leaves and rays of sunshine filtering
through.  All sorts of interesting scrub also grew due to the increased
lighting conditions, much to the fascination of the mob of mostly
non-Australians.  We stopped quite often to look at metre-long stalks of
flowers poking out from funky looking grasses.  And of course for me to
collapse on the track and thus avoid being vertical...

11:00am, BAL = 0.180%:  The girls let out squeals of joy as the mouth of
Kangaroo Creek was reached.  This is such a beautiful area where the
creek flows into a cove lined with beautiful sandstone cliffs.  Took no
time for Anneke to jump into the beautiful water for a swim, and
everyone else followed.  We lazied on the rocks in the sun for a long
time, because it was just so beautiful there but also because I couldn't
be bothered moving and therefore the herd mentality couldn't work
without a leader.

My original plan was to bash up Forest Brook for a bit of exploration.
The end of the creek looks quite nice and not too scrubby.  But that
would involve navigation and using the brain, which I was really
incapable of.  Therefore I did not put up any resistance when Anneke
pleaded to go up Kangaroo Creek where I had been before.  Therefore we
bashed up Kangaroo Creek instead.

After the fire and recent floods, the scrub in the area was slightly
damaged which added a little bit more difficulty to bash through.
However, it was still the beautiful creek that I knew, pretty well by
now.  Beautiful sandstone cliffs lined with red gum, deep clear swimming
holes interspersed with cascades over age-old rocks.  Paradise,
basically.  The going was very slow because we just stopped every few
hundred metres to admire another new vista.  Conversation flew, but I
could not remember much of it as I was struggling not to fall flat on
the ground.  We also saw a turtle and the Loch Ness monster made a show
at one stage, but I could not remember all that well...

1:00pm, BAL = 0.132%:  Lunch was had beside a large beautiful pool.  No
excuse not to swim, and at that stage the monster was no in sight.
Therefore I duly jumped into the water.  This action I remember very
distinctly, however.  In mid-air just as I was about to hit the water,
it suddenly occurred to me that I didn't take off my T-shirt because I
was a walking carcass with no brain.  Ah, oops.  I let out a scream and
vaguely swung my arms in mid-air hoping to transform into a bird or
superman or something within 0.25ms, but that was just not to be.
Plonk.  Splash.  There went my dry shirt.  Doh!  But then what's wet
clothes to a Kiwi?  It was an excuse to get a sun tan...

2:30pm, BAL = 0.096%: Bumped into several other lifeforms who walked the
short track down to Karloo Pool for a swim.  However most of the group
had swim saturation by then, and only the hardcore (Jacinta the Legend
and yours truly) jumped in again for the last swim of the day.  It was

4:00pm, BAL = 0.060%: I stayed behind on a cliff to, umm, admire the
view and enjoy a bit of solitude, while the group walked on to Heathcote
Station.  Then I charged ahead full-steam (being slightly more sober by
now) and got to the station to find no one there.  Umm, problematic.  So
turned on my mobile phone and sure enough it rang.  The rest of the
group without their intoxicated but nonetheless venerable leader has
duly gone astray and got to wop wop.  So I went back to retrieve them
and after much ado we finally emerged at Heathcote Station, Jacinta
arriving just slightly earlier than all the others (a story unfit for
the general audience...).

I don't remember much between getting on the train and waking up at 12pm
on Monday only due to severe hypoglycaemia.  But it was a great day out
in a truly beautiful place.  Thanks to everyone for your great company
and putting up with my whinges about the ground being so uneven that I
was about to fall over...

Johnny Walker maketh a loony bushwalker...

(Oops, I used the "b" word!  This is a bad sign...  But tramper just
doesn't quite rhyme...)


* BAL = blood alcohol level.

Sogno un mondo senza piu violenza
Un mondo di giustizia e di speranza
Ognuno dia una mano al suo vicino
Simbolo di pace, di fraternita
La forza che ci dai e desiderio te
Onguno trovi amor intorno e dentro se

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