[SUBW-A] Trip Report: Lockley's Pylon - Blue Gum Forest

Joe Li yli at gmp.usyd.edu.au
Sun Apr 28 18:43:43 AEST 2002

Trip Report: Lockley's Pylon - Blue Gum Forest
28 April 2002

Party: Kimberley Beattie, Giuseppe Nicastro, Helen Rea, Greg Smith, Danny 
Yee, et Moi.

We went to Lockley's Pylon and Blue Gum Forest.  It was beautiful.


*** Note about basic etiquette.... :-(

I had to turn away about five people this weekend because of limited car 
spaces.  However with a couple of no-shows we actually had car spots for 2-3 
more people, who could have enjoyed a beautiful day out in the bush...

It is really inconsiderate to subscribe to a trip and just don't show up.  
If you need to cancel last minute a simple phone call would be appreciated 
so the party did not have to wait for you to turn up and more people could 
go out to the bush.  I thought this was too basic an etiquette to even 
mention in this club.  But obviously not.  So next time if you cannot make a 
trip, call the trip leader.  It's simple and can make the day for several 


Joe Li be my name
Mountains on my mind
Rivers through my veins
Birdcalls in my ears
And love in my heart


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