[SUBW-A] Late trip report: Skiing 20-22nd July

Mitchell Isaacs misaacs at student.usyd.edu.au
Thu Aug 15 12:32:07 AEST 2002

The party: Christian Peckham, Alex D for a bit, Mitchell Isaacs

It was mostly un uneventful drive down South for Christian & myself on 
the Friday night, there were only a few disagreements with the car's 
steering and a few unusual sounds.

We stopped in Jindabyne to pick up Alex, who had to return part way 
through his trip due to a broken ski. The car at this point was sounding 
decidedly sicker.

At about 2am or so we passed through the National Parks gate, when my 
old NAN (my car) got grumpy & decided it had gone far enough for one 
evening (CV joint). We made a call to the NRMA, and passed away the next 
hour or so  talking to the NPWS guy in the gate over a cup of tea. The 
NRMA came & confirmed that we weren't going anywhere, & told us he would 
get us a tow in the morning, & drove off.

So the next day the three of us wend back down to Jindy to wait for the 
car to be fixed, and after an oh-so-exciting day checking out the sights 
of Jindy, eventually set off up the mountain at about 3:30pm. The wind 
was foreboding.

We didn't have time to go out & meet the others above Illawong in the 
deteriorating weather, so we just spent a bit of time mucking around 
near Guthega before camping at Island Bend.

The next day dawned brilliantly sunny (and a bit late), so we skiied off 
to meet the others, which we did for an early lunch(See both Roger B & 
Richard's trip reports). Roger's party was packing up to go home, while 
Alex & Richard skiied back to Guthega to pick up some more food.

So Christian & I had the afternoon for skiing in fantastic weather & 
great snow, Christian honing some of his skiing techniques, I borrowed 
Richard's skis & went for a quick trip up to the range.

When I got back there was an extra character, Andrew Mitchell had 
arrived from Guthega on snowshoes.

Darkeness fell, still no sign of Richard & Alex, so Christian, Andrew & 
myself got stuck into soup & other "non-alcoholic" (term used very 
loosely) treats.

Finally, three people arrived in the chilly moonlight, Richard & Alex, 
and to my confusion, Andrew Jacob (I hadn't realized there were 2 
Andrews). After dinner & a few drinks, we retired to bed.

The next day was another brilliant day, and after a quick dip in a 
nearby creek, Christian & I bade farewell to the others who were going 
to Blue Lake for some ice climbing & demolition lessons, and went for a 
trip up Pounds Creek to a pass on the main range, with stunning views & 

Then, back to camp, lunch, pack up & the icy ski back to Guthega. The 
drive back to Sydney was fortunately less eventful than the drive down.

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