[SUBW-A] Trip report - Splendour Rock 17 & 18 August

Schmelitschek, Cameron (Sydney-LIU) Cameron.Schmelitschek at LibertyIU.Com
Mon Aug 26 17:07:35 AEST 2002

Party: Marcelle (leading), Christian, Amy, Mal, James (SPAN), Mat (SPAN),
The walk that I had planned to do to Canoe Creek was changed at the last
minute to Splendour Rock in the Wild Dog Mountains.  I'll go to the Colo
when the weather is warmer and more conducive to a bludge trip with
After a Thai dinner in Ashfield and a drive to the mountains we camped on
the Mt Hay Road.
Saturday we met Amy in Blackheath, loaded up on breakfast from the sourdough
bakery and headed down to Packsaddler's in the Megalong Valley.  
We headed down Carlon's Creek without nettle incident, had a short break and
made our way up Blackhorse Ridge.  Lunch and fine views were enjoyed at the
top of the climb.  We then followed the track until we joined the main
Kanangra - Katoomba path and headed down to Mobbs Swamp.
After setting up the tents and putting on jumpers we set off for Splendour
Rock.  We didn't take the track from the camp ground up Mt Dingo but went
straight up the side of Mt Merrimengal (spel?).  When scrambling over a rock
I came nose to scales with a Blue Tongue that for the briefest of moments
could have been a snake.  My heart rate did eventually return to normal.
Making our way past the Dingo's Playground we went over Mt Dingo and out to
Splendour Rock - just before sunset.  Truly spectacular panoramic views.  We
signed the log book and tried to read the semi-coherent scratching of the
recent SUBW party - something about a door-sausage, custard and lots of
alcohol.  (Note: The video we saw on Friday night explained a lot!)
As darkness set in we scrambled back down from Mt Dingo, finding the track
that led back to the campground at Mobbs Swamp.
Under the stars and with the cries of night birds and school girls filling
the air we enjoyed good food and wine.  Conversation around the fire ranged
far and wide and we called it a night at about 11:30.  It rained just a
little during the night.
Rising at a respectable time of 7am we set off by 9.  We had to stop to
extinguish a campfire that had been left burning by irresponsible campers.
We went down Bluedog Ridge (or is it Blue Pup?) and had morning tea at
Knight's Deck.  Again great views as we signed the log book.  There was a
helicopter flying up the Jenolan River much lower than we were - a
disheartening sight before our decent.
Down and down to lunch on at the junction of Cox's and Breakfast Creek, then
up and up Iron Pot Hill.  We admired the aboriginal carving groves on Iron
Pot and stopped mid afternoon for a nap in the sunshine.  Very pleasant.
After returning to the car we drove up to the Gardener's for a big meal
before hitting the highway back to Sydney.
A very enjoyable weekend - thanks to the company that came along and made it
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