[SUBW-A] Trip report - Canyoning (Blue Mts) 2-3 Feb 02

David Noble dnoble at ozemail.com.au
Mon Feb 4 19:24:50 AEDT 2002

Trip report - Canyoning (Blue Mts) 2-3 Feb 02


Party - Ashley Burke, Don Cameron, Lou Pastro, Ben Kong, Dave Noble

After a short stop at the North Richmond Bakery and a quick chat with
Dave Forbe's party (who were doing North Bowens Canyon)- we met up with
Don at the Zig Zag turnoff. It was then a drive out along dirt roads to
the Waratah Ridge were we parked. When we arrived there were about a
dozen other cars there, and some other groups just setting off.

We quickly packed and headed off along the blocked off road towards Hole
In The Wall canyon. On the way we passed a large group (of cavers?) -
and entered the canyon. It was in magnificent form - with drops of water
falling off the walls - due to recent rain. After the first abseil, Lou,
Don and Ben went through the tunnel while Ash and myself went over the
top (we forgot to take torches!). Then is was down the final drop to
join the Bungleboori. The water was (relatively) warm as we swam and
waded upstream, and then climbed out up a pass before having lunch on
the ridge overlooking Banks Canyon.

Banks Canyon was equally impressive - with a few small tricky drops to
negotiate. Two abseils took us into the Bungleboori once again - and
then it was more wading upstream back towards Hole In The Wall (where we
met another party) - and then the track out. After that, it was a
pleasant walk back along the ridge to the carpark.

I noted that it took 25 minutes to walk from the old road terminus (Pot
Hill) to  the new carpark back at the wilderness boundary. So is you
subtract say 10 minutes that it would take to drive the same distance -
then the road closure would only add 15 minutes extra each way to
canyoning trips in that area.

We farewelled Ben back at the Zig Zag carpark (he had only come up for
the day, and went to Mt Wilson to camp (and met up with Dave Forbes -
who was intending to join us on the Sunday canyon)

Dinner was washed down with some very agreeable wines with pleasant
company - but some thunder announced the imminent arrival of rain. We
had light showers all night - and the next morning.


Party -  Ashley Burke, Don Cameron, Lou Pastro, Dave Noble

(Mobile) phone calls and messages indicated that most of the starters
that were coming up to join us on Sunday would now not be coming so we
had a change in plans due to the wetter conditions. We decided Why Don't
We Do It In The Road Canyon was a better option. A quick call to Richard
Wood was made to tell him to abort joining us (he had missed an early
train - and was intending to join us for the second canyon we had
planned to do), and Dave Forbes decided to head back to town as he had
recently been down WDWDIITR Canyon (and the weather was not too good for
any canyon)

So 4 of us set off - and soon overtook a large commercial party - and
had a very enjoyable time in the canyon. Neither, Ashley or Don had been
down it before. Louise had been down it with UNSWBWC on a night trip, so
hadn't seen much ofd the canyon. It was very beautifull. We ended up
doing 6 abseils and a few short swims before reaching the Wollangambe
Junction. Here we climbed up to a high cave and sat around a warm fire
cooking jaffles and cups of tea for lunch. Then it was up a nearby pass
and a short walk back to the cars for an early departure back to Sydney
(or Bathurst in Don's case)

Dave Noble
David Noble
dnoble at ozemail.com.au

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