[SUBW-A] Trip Report - Canyoning - Blue Mts - 9/10 Feb 02

David Noble dnoble at ozemail.com.au
Sun Feb 10 23:13:26 AEDT 2002

Trip Report - Canyoning - Blue Mts - 9/10 Feb 02

This was a trip organised by Andrew Valja of Springwood. He had invited
me on a weekend of exploratory canyoning - and a few other SUBW people
and some form other clubs also came along.

Party - Andrew Valja, Dave Noble, Dave Forbes, Richard Wood, Zenek
Makaruk, Rik Deveridge, Martin Pfeil (UTSOAC).

On Saturday we met up at the Zig Zag turn off and headed out along some
dirt roads following Andrew's car. We then set off for the first canyon
- one Andrew had previously scouted out but not been down. As we were
setting up ropes - a huge boulder was dislodged and a few of us had to
jump out the way quickly to avoid being crushed. Andrew, went down the
abseil first - but had to ask for another rope to be tied on - it was a
large drop! The canyon ended shortly after - and we traversed under some
large cliffs to another slot which provided a very convenient route back
to the top - only a few mtres away from the start of our canyon.

We had lunch on a spectacular spot nearby with great views overlooking a
large valley. Then it was off along the cliffline in search of more
canyons. One area we scouted out was no good - so we went further on to
another slot that Andrew had investigated before. This was a large deep
"fissure". Unfortunately it was blocked at the bottom by fallen
chockstones so we could not pass through it. It was very impressive
however. We went back to the cars via another creek that was almost dry
and almost a canyon (it did have three abseils) and then through a dry
canyon with no abseils.

After camping at the Barcoo Swamp, we headed off on Sunday for a canyon
that Andrew had visted a few years earlier with Dave Lockwood. The
canyon started off with a water jump/slide and then a short abseil into
a deep pool. Some of the party jumped this (not me!). And a little
further down the canyon there was a real deathtrap. All of a sudden the
creekbed (which was obscured by a thick layer of ferns) suddenly dropped
35 metres down a crack. Very carefully we traversed to a tree and did a
large free fall abseil down into a large amphitheatre. After this we
investigated another possible canyon nearby - the creek had a short but
nice section of canyon with no abseils. It was then back up the ridge,
along a faint road and then back to the cars for lunch. 

Most of the party headed back after lunch - but Dave F, Martin and
myself visited Twister Canyon to freshen ourselves up.

A great weekend of canyoning.

David Noble
dnoble at ozemail.com.au

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