[SUBW-A] off topic - Canoeing

Richard Wood rwood at Physics.usyd.edu.au
Fri Feb 22 12:02:40 AEDT 2002

Hi everyone, sorry for non-bushwalking post, but we're trying to
reserect the canoeing club at uni, and since the species known as 
bushwalkers sometimes like to get wet in creeks bigger than canyons...

Anyway, this is just a call out for anyone who is interested in
canoeing/kayaking. The canoe club at uni has some really good gear that is
lying around not making any use of the recent rain. For basic info - there
are two major activities participated in by the club.

*whitewater - plan is to run a beginner orientated whitewater trip
next weekend (2-3 March). we also utilise facilities such as penrith
whitewater - $20 a day to go round in circles - and you don't even have to
get out of your boat!

*canoe polo - canoe polo is a weekly event, running on either tuesday or
wednesday night (depending on grade) during the uni semester. Grades run
from ultimate beginner to just ultimate.. For the season
coming up, we need to enter by Friday 1st March, so if interested in
playing, let us know soon. (by the way, since most people go canoe polo?
huh? - its played in kayaks in a pool, 5 players per side, is damn fun,
involves trying to get the ball in the goal similar to basketball, but the
goals are bigger, and its wet, and its in kayaks...and its good :)

Anyway, if you are interested in possibly giving canoeing a go, and
want to get involved in the club, send an email to 
sucanoe-subscribe at yahoogroups.com. Please also reply if
you're interested in canoe polo, or the trip next weekend.

happy walking + paddling.

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