[SUBW-A] Trip report: Figure of 8 pool Sunday 24 Feb

Tim Svenson tsvenson at ozemail.com.au
Mon Feb 25 15:51:29 AEDT 2002

Done at a reasonably slack pace, including beginning and ending visits
to Otford Deli, this trip took six hours. This fits in very well with
the train timetable.

There were supposed to be ten of us, but the prospect of rain kept away
four. My attempt to guide my late cousin in the correct direction via
yuppie phone seemed to be working as well as it did last time (see
This cut out him and his friend, leaving four to actually show up:
Kathy, Myvanwy, Tim and Tip.

There was a plaque right at the edge of the cliff, quite close to Otford
Lookout, which I could swear wasn't there before:

29.9.1951 - 22.01.2001 (did I write down 2001 by mistake?)

I reckon that is there as a warning to Joe, not to stand quite so close
to the cliff edge... Anyone who can enlighten us, please do so.

We made our way to Figure of 8 pool, merrily ignorant that we had picked
up quite a few leeches. These are the first I have met in this part of
Royal NP. Never say "no leeches here" again! Myvanwy lent us her salt so
we could take cruel vengeance on them. Not wanting to waste her salt, I
dumped one straight into the pool. It liked that about as much.

The tide level of 0.4m was quite low enough for the passage around the
cliff. There was a pretty rill running down the cliff and ending at the

I originally intended that we would go back (north) around the base of
the cliff and then south on the top of the cliff along the regular path
back to Otford via Palm Jungle. While at Figure of 8 pool, I tentatively
suggested the idea of climbing the rill up to the regular path, since
the cliff had been substantially eroded. Myvanwy seemed keen, so up she
went, quite fast and with no trouble at all. Tip followed a bit more
slowly, then Kathy much more slowly and probably against her better
judgement. "Peer pressure" she said later. It all looked so easy, until
I tried it myself... Yes, the leader of this trip turned out to be both
a wimp and resistant to "peer pressure". I went back the way I came,
leaving the others at the top. I won't say how I found them again, lest
I incriminate myself.

Curious note:
Kathy (from her background in gender equity)
+Myvanwy (works in an infertility clinic)
=interesting discussion about prostitution. I shan't say any more here,
lest this message not get through the filtering software at some of our

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