[SUBW-A] "Good" walk this weekend - mark 2..

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Thu Jan 17 11:47:49 AEDT 2002

Hey all, i hope you are all sick of getting emails from me by now, but in light 
of the Joe's mathematical exposition (Li, 2002), i've considered altering plans 
to make the walk 2xgood...As whilst 'infringing' the law once, you may as well 
do it twice. 

Thus if anybody wants to just spend a day exploring some of the stuff around 
Narrow Neck, then let us know. In particular, we might accidentally cross into 
the national park area (but just a little bit!), and accidentally find an old 
tunnel that goes right through narrow neck and comes out the other side. Its 
quite safe (although there is risk, and the club shouldn't promote this- yada 
yada yada..) but it's worth getting muddy for (i think the National Parks also 
don't want you to go through it, hence the second "good"..) But since no one 
really cares if you a)go into the national parks unaffected by fires and b)go 
through the tunnel, it should all be "good". 
Plus if we are feeling like it, we could go out to Ruined Castle, or explore a 
bit more of the stuff out along the base of Narrow Neck.

You'll need a torch, and some sloppy shoes (or they will be afterwards at 

And open to either day, prefer Sunday, but am flexible, so if interested let me 


Li, J., 2002, "[SUBW-A] Trip Report: Pierce's Pass to Grose River, 13 January 
2002" http://lists.anatomy.usyd.edu.au/pipermail/subw-announce/2002-

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