[SUBW-A] Trip Report, Canyoning 19-20 Jan

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Canyoning, 19-20 Jan 2002


Luke Binsted
Chantal Chong
Jan Hu
Andrew Mitchell
Siobhan Toohill
Ashley Burke

Trip Report:

The party met at Bell at 10:00am on Saturday and set off immediately for
Koombanda Canyon. This was very enjoyable with its abseil and 2 downclimbs,
pleasant canyon formation and a few short swims. A pleasant warm up for the
canyoning still to come.

After lunch at the cars we headed off to Galah Mountain and set off to do
Twister and Rocky canyons. In the headwaters of Twister ominous clouds and
the distant rumbling of thunder was heard, but it was a long way off.
Twister was a fun canyon with plenty of water jumps, bum slides, and other
innovative ways of getting into the many pools in the canyon. After Twister
we continued downstream towards Rocky Creek. The clouds were now a bit
darker and the thunder was still rumbling but it was dry and the way forward
was clear. Soon the sound of thunder was drowned out anyway by the cascades
of Rocky Creek. A water jump later and we were in the canyon. This was deep,
dark and beautiful, with several swims and another bum slide.

It was 5pm when we reached the end of the canyon and by now the sky was
black. We headed down to the exit and the minute we started up the exit
gully there was a clap of thunder and the rain came down. Scrambling up the
pass in a torrential downpour with daylight obliterated by the storm, we
pushed on upwards. Some frantic thrashing around in the wet gully before we
found the easy rock scramble up onto the ridge top. Then came the trudge
back to the cars in the rain, everyone totally soaked.

Worn out after the solid day of canyoning we headed to Barcoo Swamps to
camp, arriving just before dark. That evening the wine slipped down almost
unnoticed before we retired for the night, to be woken up abruptly later on
by another thunderstorm.

Next day dawned crystal clear and fine so we headed off to do Windows
Canyon. A scrubby gulch to begin with but then it dropped away in a series
of short pitches and soon we saw the "Windows" of views out over the valley
opposite. Progress was slow but steady and a final superb 20m abseil down a
clean dry rockface was the grand finale to this interesting little canyon. A
final plod in the heat back up to the cars and all was well.

A good weekend packed with canyons was enjoyed by all.

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