[SUBW-A] Trip report - Sunday

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Wed Jan 23 18:35:33 AEDT 2002

hey all, 
kind of a trip report for what came out of Sunday.

Hisako and I left Katoomba at the relaxing hour of 10:00 and headed out to 
Narrow Neck where we discovered that someone had stolen the Water Board 
ladders. yes that's right, not sure if anyone knew this, but Sydney water 
(assumingly) has taken them away. thus we couldn't get down that side of Narrow 
Neck unless we walked back and around. thus, being lazy, we didn't walk back 
and around, but headed down the golden stairs instead. 

We decided to head out to ruined castle for lunch, which afforded the nice 
views, and a bit of a break from the nice cool rainforest type vegetation (ie 
it was hot..) We managed to escape from the castle just before a couple of 
hoards of people began to storm it, and then headed back along the track 
towards Katoomba. We found the tunnel through Narrow Neck, and splashed our 
wawy through, turning a nice orange colour as we went. Unfortunately, i think 
they must have imported some dwarves to build it, cause there was only about 
one spot to stand fully upright. it was pretty long as well, and once we 
reached the other side, we decided that we really didn't want to go back 
through again, so we bushbashed our way (ie. we missed the track..)along the 
base of Narrow Neck, and headed out via that pass just to the west of Narrow 
Neck (can't remember the name) and back to Katoomba for chocolate 
milkshakes...mmm chocolate...

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