[SUBW-A] Summer Walks Reports - Tasmania and Canyoning

David Noble dnoble at ozemail.com.au
Mon Jan 28 23:41:48 AEDT 2002


This is just a short note about the two tassie walks that we did:

Walk 1 - Wilmot and Frankland Range Traverse
6 - 12 Jan 2002
Party - Dave Noble and Rob Hynes

We had a combination of some good and some very bad weather on this walk
- and the fine days that we had we had to walk for long hours and for
long distances to complete the trip (from the Serpentine Dam near
Strathgordon to Scotts Peak Dam). There was some spectacular scenery and
some nasty scrub.

Rob will be writing a full report when he gets back to England.

Walk 2 - Central Plateau Traverse
15 - 24 Jan 2002
Party - Dave Noble, Rob Hynes, Marcelle Gannon

After a lot of bad weather in the south-west, Rob and I decided to head
for a drier part of Tassie for the second walk - this time Marcelle
joined us. The weather was a lot better - we only had to wear parkas for
a short time on the first day! The walk started out up Higgs Track, went
to the Walls of Jerusalem, down the Chinamen Plains and then over the
Mountains of Jupiter to Cathedral Mountain. On the way we saw lots of
lakes, lots of amazing scoparia flowers, some funky tarns and lots of
snakes. High camps on the Mts of Jupiter and Cathedral Mtn were the highlights.

Marcelle will be writing a full report later.

Between trips we were entertained in Hobart by ex SUBW member Stephen
Bray and some of his friends - and this included some rock climbing and
many dinners (not all in pubs). On our last night in Hobart we met up
with Sally Partridge (who was on the way for a sea kayaking trip) - and
another ex-SUBW member and Hobart resident, Paul Southcott (and his wife
Margaret - who is expecting baby number two very soon)

Also - between Boxing Day and New Years Eve - a group of us in the club
did an interesting canyoning trip to the Coorongooba canyoning area of
Wollemi National Park. This was during the bushfire period - but the
park up that way was open. The party was Dave Noble, Ashley Burke, Rob
Hynes and Rik Deveridge. On the trip - which was exploratory, we found a
number of nice new canyons - Midsummer Canyon, Ho Ho Ho Canyon,
Tinderbox Canyon, Black Crack Canyon, Inferno Canyon and Rank Canyon
were the best of these. We also found a major new section to a canyon we
had already investgated on previous trips in the area.


David Noble
dnoble at ozemail.com.au

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