[SUBW-A] Walks Report - Splendour Rock 29 - 30 June 02

David Noble dnoble at ozemail.com.au
Mon Jul 1 18:48:04 AEST 2002

Walks Report - Splendour Rock 29 - 30 June 02

Party - Dave Noble, Justin and Stephanie Blows, Alex Debono (and for a 
while Richard Wood)

Some photos of this walk are on-line at:


On the way to Megalong Valley we called into a new bakery at 
Blackheath - The "Bakehouse" - which is in Wentworth St (go towards 
Govetts leap - and turn right at the Commonwealth Bank - it is in a 
cottage next to the bank). This wa a good choice and some excellent pies 
were to be had.

Then it was a drive down to Carlons Farm and the new NPWS parking area. 
 From there we set off for Breakfast Creek via Carlons Creek. Then it was 
a short but steep climb up to Blackhorse Range for lunch on the top. The 
weather was fine but very cold - and we were glad to sit close to the 
fire while our gourmet jaffles cooked. We then followed tracks to Mobbs 
Soak. Whilst filling our water containers we noticed a new logbook in 
the big campcave - we were amused by some of the entries, clearly the 
writers were under the influence of drugs.....

We then climbed up onto the tops and walker over the Playground of the 
Dingos on Mt Merrimerrigal, crossed Mt Dingo and found ourselves at 
Splendour Rock just before dusk. The view was magnificent as always. The 
wind was cold and strong and we had to be careful not be blown off the 
rock (there was already a plaque there commemorating some fallen 

The sun set about 5pm and by 6pm we were settled close to the fire, 
cooking our dinners and drinking our wine when a strange figure 
staggered into the camp. Was it the ghost of one of the fallen 
bushwalkers? No - it was Richard Wood - who had mountain biked in from 
Katoomba to meet us. He had no torch and no shoes - but he was carrying 
a large cask of 1970 vintage wine - so soon was in a merry condition. 
Later in the evening, whilst discussing the 7th Law of Thermodynamics 
and its relationship to whether the powder or the hot water should go in 
the pot first when making custard - Richard discovered a small bottle of 
Tequila in his pack. The effects of this on top of the wine can be seen 
in his page of incoherent ravings recorded in the log book.

Next morning we woke at dawn and got up to watch the sunrise (except for 
Richard - who said he would rather watch it on the trip video). After a 
long breakfast - we set off for Mobbs Soak once more while Richard set 
off barefoot  for his bike. Richard will have to post a separate report 
on his final adventures. The trip for the main party to Blue Dog and 
Knights Deck went quickly. the weather and views were fine. Then it was 
a steep descent down Blue Dog to the Coxs/Breakfast Creek junction for 
lunch. After our break we climbed a track up to Mt Ironpot - where some 
of the party overtook a large group of "panhandlers" from SBW. We 
detoured to look at some interesting aboriginal sharpening grooves and 
later stopped to look at some circular holes - also of likely aboriginal 
origin. Alex speculated that they were used to grind up ochre from the 
red rock outcrops nearby.

It wasn't far to the car - and a drive back to Blackheath (Stephanie 
suffered from the "bends" on the drive back up - but I won't bring up 
all the details....). At the Gardeners Inn Pub at Blackheath we were 
able to take the table next to the fire and enjoyed beers and a meal 
before heading back to the city to watch the World Cup Final.

An excellent walk with many fine wines, jaffles and good company.


David Noble
dnoble at ozemail.com.au

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