[SUBW-A] Trip report: Colo day walk

Anthony Dunk AnthonyD at rocketmail.com
Sun Jul 21 22:47:46 AEST 2002

Party: Christina, Stacey, Minga, Justin, Scott, Tom, & myself

After meeting up we drove to Colo Heights and then down the fire trail
to the start of the Bob Turner track.

The track had been burnt out in places with some of the wooden step
treads gone, but it was still very easy to follow. The bush was nice
and open after the christmas fires with an almost park-like appearance
in places. The gum trees were recovering nicely, covered with fresh

Once we reached the beach at the edge of the river, it was time for a
late morning tea. Then it was off with the boots for an icy wade across
the rapids. My thermometer showed the water was only 8 deg C. 

Christina slipped and went for an unplanned swim and Tom crossed half
way before realising he'd left his pack behind and had to go back!
Thanks for the entertainment guys ;-)

On the other side we climbed up from the river and picked up the rough
track which heads upstream - possibly the route taken by Townshend's
railway survey in the 1800's. We followed it for about 1.5 kms until we
lost it.

We stopped for lunch on some rocks at the edge of a huge deep pool
which would probably be a great habitat for platypuses. We shared an
enjoyable cup of coffee courtesy of my stove, and then headed back

It was another exciting river crossing, and then back up Bob Turner's
track and into the great afternoon sunshine. A nice day.


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