[SUBW-A] Trip Report - Bushdance, 21 June

Marcelle Gannon marcelle.gannon at altium.com.au
Mon Jun 24 08:58:36 AEST 2002

Trip Participants: Sally, Wendy, Albert, Cameron, Guiseppe, Lou Tip, Alex
(Robertson?), me.

Venue: Randwick Town Hall, 8pm.

We turned up at about 8pm and it was looking a bit quiet ... but as the
night went on many more people came.  The crowd was quite mixed - some
families, some younger people (like us!), some hard-core greenies (the event
was a fundraiser for the greens), some not-so-hard-core greenies.  This
mixture of people was great except for the 5 year olds who were a little
hard to dance with - try doing the 'promenade hold' when the person you are
dancing with is about a third of your height!  The little kids were very
enthusiastic though and livened it up a bit.

We went in lots of dances, from the 'Basket' where the girls get rather
dangerously swung around, to a Russian one involving lots of stomping, and
the traditional 'Virginia Reel (wheel?)'  which requires a lot of
concentration to swing the right person around, in the right direction at
the right time.

It was heaps of fun and quite good exercise.  It's even more fun if you go
with a large group.  I know I didn't give much notice for this one, but
here's a bit of advance notice of the next - the Conferation of Bushwalkers
annual bushdance.  It's on Friday 20th September and SUBW has in the past
had quite large crowds.

Hope to see you all there!  I'll remind you all again closer to the date.


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