[SUBW-A] Trip Report - Canyoning 2-3 Mar 02

David Noble dnoble at ozemail.com.au
Sun Mar 3 23:54:03 AEDT 2002

Trip Report - Canyoning 2-3 Mar 02

This was mainly a trip taking out some climbing friends - but SUBW
people were invited as well.

Saturday - party - Dave Noble, Dave Forbes, Chris Dalton (SUBW) and
climbers - Sue, Dave, Ted, Pat, Trinh & Lang.

After meeting at the Zig Zag turnoff we set off along a dirt road
towards the Wollangambe Wilderness, left the cars and started walking
out along a closed road towards the canyon country. We soon entered the
canyon - and it was magnificent - dark and constricted with high walls
and the odd swim. After a short time, the canyon emerged into a gorge
and we continued down that until another canyon section began. After a
short abseil, a dark tunnel full of glow worms was traversed and then
some more abseiling and swimming took us to a major creek. We swam
upstream and found a good place to have a late lunch. 

After lunch, Dave F, Chris and myself left most of the climbers to walk
back to the cars while we did a quick trip down another nearby canyon.
This one was very narrow and dark with more swims. It had a few abseils
at the end, and it was there that we overtook another party. The abseils
took us to the major creek once more. It was then more wading and
swimming upstream back to the exit track. A quick walk took us back to
the cars by 7:30pm.

We farewelled Chris, who was returning to Sydney. Dave and myself went
to the Barcoo Swamp campsite to spend the night.


Dave and myself set off to explore a small creek looking for canyon. The
creek began with a lot of scrub and continued that way for a long while.
At one point we climbed past a quite amazing sandstone cave whose roof
was supported by a large pillar - we called it "King Solomons Cave". At
the same place there was an abseil - which we climbed around but the
creek was not canyon. Further down - the creek looked promising - and
another waterfall loomed - again we climbed around it - and again it was
not canyon below it. We battled more scrub and began to get fed up. We
stopped for lunch on a ledge and decided to climb out at that point.
However - going back into the creek to get water- we noticed that it did
look like canyon a little bit further downstream....

In the end we did climb out at that point. We will have to continue our
exploration on the next installment of the trip.


David Noble
dnoble at ozemail.com.au

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