[SUBW-A] Canyon This Sunday

Richard Wood rwood at student.usyd.edu.au
Thu Mar 7 11:37:23 AEDT 2002

Hi all,

I think I was talking to Mitch at the slide night last night and I think we 
agreed on doing a canyon on Sunday. I also think we we're talking to some 
new people about doing one, and thus I think we agreed on making it a 
fairly easy grade canyon.

So, as a result, I think this is right: We are going to do a fairly easy 
canyon on Sunday, up Mt Wilson way, and are looking to leave Sunday 
morning, and get back Sunday evening (as opposed to some other recent 
trips...-(sorry Alex, but have to get full mileage out of it)). Beginners 
are welcome, as long as you are a confident bushwalker. Expressions of 
interest to misaacs at student.usyd.edu.au, who has just been nominated to 
organise it...or maybe you better reply to both of us..

My interest was also picked up by the Oxfam trailwalker info - I think Alex 
is organising at least one team. If there's some more interest from some 
people in going pretty hard in it (William?), then I'd be keen. Its teams 
of 4, and is only a short jog of 100km. We also need to get sponsorship of 
a minimum of a cool $1000 - so all those rich benefactors of the club, 
please post us lots and lots of cheques...please?

I think there was also something else, but i've forgotten...


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