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OK, here 'tis:

Date - Sunday 10th February 2002
Party members - Justin Blows, Stephanie Cuthbert, Amy Gye, Chris Dalton,
Louse de Beuzeville, Jolita, Roger Butler.

We drove up to Mt Wilson in two cars and decided on Water Dragon as a
suitable canyon for the day.  Then I forgot which was the entry track and
which was the exit track of the Wollangambe tourist section, and waylaid the
party towards Geronimo instead.  Oops.  We dropped off the top of a cairned
ridge and down towards the creek junction below.  There were vestiges of
track, and we descended through the scrub to the creek.  

We changed into warmer gear in a nice rock overhang, and walked the short
distance to the first abseil.  This took us out of the warm summer air,
through a small waterfall, and into the dark canyon below.  We landed in a
pool and this was followed by another abseil and more small pools.  We were
definitely cool by the time we reached the third abseil.  Here, Chris
produced a thermos of hot chocolate and we drank it in the small patch of
visible sunlight.

The third drop gives the canyon its name.  Most of the party abseiled down
into the pool below.  Amy and I yelled "Geronimo!" as we jumped six metres
off a rock into the deep water.  I tried to capture her descent on film, but
unsurprisingly, it turned out as a big blue smudge down the middle of the

We had fun trying to get the rope down from this drop, because the water was
deep and we couldn't get  leverage on anything.  Stephanie and I ended up
throwing our weight up as far as we could and pulling down a few inches at a
time.  The others were laughing at our ineptitude.

The canyon continued with high walls, lots of greenery, and another abseil
until we reached the upper Wollangambe.  Here we turned left and made our
way through a different type of canyon back to our original crossing.  There
was one big pool that we swam on our backs, using our packs for floatation.

It was then an hour's walk back to the cars and on to the Kurrajong Hotel,
which has gone upmarket and lost it's character since I was last there.
They used to have a huge, hewn table running half the length of the
restaurant, but they sold it and replaced it with cheap, plasticy ones.
However, we enjoyed a good meal before the drive back to Sydney.


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   >Roger Butler said:
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   >Now that we have been enlightened - can we also have the report of the
   >Geronimo Canyon trip please Roger (or someone else on the trip). Perhaps
   >that party also spent a night or two out and want to keep quiet about
   >Dave  ;-)
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