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Hi all

Here are the deatails for the upcoming Freshers trip on the 23-24 of March. The 
walk will be in the Grose Valley to the famous Blue Gum Forest with camping at 
either Little Blue Gum or Acacia Flat. This area is a must see for any new 
comers to bushwalking. For a bit of history, Blue Gum is considered the birth 
place of the conservation effort in the Blue Mountains.

The walk will not be to hard but you will need to be reasonably fit. Transport 
will be no problem as we will be going from Mt Victoria train station to 
Blackheath train station. Saturday will involve an early start (meeting at Mt 
Victoria by about 8:15AM, which means leaving Central at 6AM) with a 5km walk 
along a road, then a descent of a few 
hundred meters from Victoria Falls, then about 10km of track walking along the 
Grose River which may involve a couple of river crossings. If you are reasonably 
fit you should be OK but if you are new to walking with an overnight pack you 
may find it a little difficult. On Sunday we will walk out along Govetts Creek 
for about 6km, then up Govetts leap then about another 4km back to Blackheath 
train station. For those heading back to Sydney we probably won't arrive there 
till late afternoon/ early evening. Alternatively, we may walk out through the 
Grand Canyon. 

For those people who can only make it for the Saturday, you have the option of 
walking with us to Blue Gum then heading up Perrys Lookdown or for those who can 
only make it on Sunday, to walk in and meet us at Junction Rock then walk out 
with us. If you chose to do this you will have to be able to find your own way 
in and out, which is only recommended for people who have some bushwalking 

About gear. Here are the basic you will need:
* a pack to fit everything in
* a fly (and ground sheet) to sleep under or tent if you wish
* a sleeping bag
* a sleeping mat (not essential but a lot more comfortable) you can get cheap 
foam sleeping mats from Big W or outdoor stores, but PLEASE if you bring one of 
these make sure it is either inside your pack or that if you strap it on the 
outside make sure it is in a stuff sack of some sort (ie tough nylon not plastic 
bags) otherwise it gets torn on vegetation and you end up leaving a trail of 
little blue bits of foam all over the bush)
* cooking pot and equipment (and stove if you wish) and all the food you will 
need for the two days
* a water container of some sort (soft drink bottle or wine bladder) and at 
least some water for Saturday although there should be water we can drink along 
the way
* comfortable walking shoes
* comfortable walking clothes (most people prefer shorts and a t-shirt, heavy 
long pants are very uncomfortable)
* warmish clothes, swimmers (Junction Rock has a nice swimming hole) and maybe a 
rain jacket
*toilet paper and a trowel (ie little hand shovel) (although you should be able 
to borrow this from someone else on the trip)
* torch 

If you are coming please send me an email so i have an idea about how many 
people to expect. If you need to borrow any club gear, please contact Greg Smith 
(g_smith at arch.usyd.edu.au) and organise a time to meet with him. Please direct 
any questions or suggestions about the trip to me directly 
(adeb0232 at pop.usyd.edu.au) rather than to the mailing list. If you would like to 
talk to me about anything, ie gear, difficulty of the walk, food, please call me 
on 9609 1540 or 0402 501 962.

see you all there


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