[SUBW-A] Trip report - Canyoning at Glen Davis 16-17 March 02

David Noble dnoble at ozemail.com.au
Mon Mar 18 23:43:40 AEDT 2002

Trip report - Canyoning at Glen Davis 16-17 March 02

Party - Dave N, Dave Forbes, Zenek Makaruk and Andrew and Vicki McAuley
(climbing friends)

Another one of those trips that starts at the end of a dirt road heading
into the Northern Blue Mts. This time the road ended at a camping area
that included free hot showers.

After a long drive on the Friday night and a brief schooner at the
Capertee Pub and a listen to the band (there was only one other person
there beside the barmaid!) - we camped at Glen Davis. 

Up early the next morning - we left early for our canyon - but were
beaten to the start by three old "panhandlers" from Newcastle BWC. It
seemed like they were intending to do the same canyon that we were
doing. We tried to cut them off at the pass - and with some fast
footwork managed to overtake them. Then we plunged into our canyon - it
was narrow and exciting with lots of interesting climb downs,
waterjumps, swims and abseils. After several hours we reached a large
cave that marked the end of the canyon. After a long lunch we met up
again with the "panhandlers". They had stopped for lunch in a colder
place upstream. Then it was a boulder chute back to the river. At the
road, Vicki discovered an amazing spider - it was very small, it had 4
long legs, 4 short legs (in between the long legs) - and a "bum" part
that was a thin tube about 2cm long sticking out behind. Then it was a
pleasant walk back to the campsite and hot showers. But we didn't walk
the whole way - a local in a bush fire brigade truck gave us a lift for
the last few kms.

An excellent day of canyoning was finished with some fine wines and
sherry being consumed.

A late start the next morning saw us down the river again - and then we
ascended a tricky pass and into our next canyon. This one promised
maximum excitement - and certainly delivered! After a short abseil we
then had a series of three long drops down a very narrow slot. Dave F
captured he fun using a series of digital cameras (still and movie). We
had lunch at the end of the canyon and then walked back to the camping
ground. No pandhandlers on our trail this time - they had decided to
re-do the first canyon again - it had been so good (little did they know
the second was better....)

Our trip back to town was interupted by another stopover at the Capertee Pub.

A great weekend of canyoning - visiting what must surely be some of the
finest canyons available.

David Noble
dnoble at ozemail.com.au

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