[SUBW-A] Trip Report – Shoalhaven Gorge 16-17th March

Albert Chetcuti albertc at med.usyd.edu.au
Tue Mar 19 15:22:51 AEDT 2002

Trip Report ? Shoalhaven Gorge 16-17th March

Wendy, Cameron, Tracy, Jeanette, and me (Albert).

After an 2 hr drive from Sydney, we arrived at the tiny town of Tallong,
in the southern highlands, 10 km from sunny Wingello. This town
consisted of a train station, a bus stop, a general store and few

The start of the walk was at Badgery’s pinic area and lookout, 4 km out
of town. After dropping some of us off, Cameron and Wendy drove to the
end of the walk, 9 km away at Long Point, and left one of the cars

The views from Badgery’s lookout were quite spectacular. The walk from
the lookout to the river followed Badgerys spur down to the rocky banks
of the river. After a 450 m descent into the river valley, we found a
great grassy camp site only a few meters from the water.

We followed the river upstream, for a few hundred meters, before making
the first of several river crossing that day. As we crossed the river,
we saw 2 older guys canoeing down the river in an inflatable boat. We
stopped and chatted, before continuing along the southern bank of the
river. The walking we very easy. In some parts, it was easier to walk
along the rocky banks, and in some parts we walked in between the sparse
vegetation lining the banks. After a km, we had to cross the river
again. The crossing were easy to find, in areas were the water was only
30 cm deep. Along the northern bank, we managed to see a baby brown
snake, close the river edge. A bit further along we stopping and had
lunch on a shaded grassy patch, beside a sandy beach. We all admired, as
Cameron produced large quantities of food from his pack.

Further along, the northern bank turned into cliffs, so we found a
shallow spot, and crossed again onto the southern bank. We followed this
side for a further 3 km, before crossing again. The weather was quite
hot, and the walking was making us quite thirsty.

The river makes a huge U-turn around Rainbow ridge. The bush is very
open, so walking was easy. At this stage, we left the edge of the river,
and made a short cut across the lower section of Rainbow ridge, which
was flat.

The camp spot for the night was on the other side of the river. So, we
had to cross the river one more time. The water in this section was
considerably deeper than the other crossings. The flow rate also made it
difficult to cross. On the other side was a large flat area, where we
saw a few other groups of people camping. We found a nice grassy patch,
pitched the tents and went for an evening swim in the river. There were
a few mosquitos around, but thankfully, no bloody sandflies.

The next day consisted of a 6 km walk up to Long Point lookout, some 480
m up! The track leading up Long point ridge, started near Barbars creek.
This track leads around Kingpin mountain, and on the topo, looks like an
easier route.  The topo also had another marked track, which followed
the spur up to the top of Kingpin mountain, and then followed the edge
of the ridge to Long Point lookout. The guide mentioned that this track
was 'disused'. Which was perfectly correct, it was disused, because it
was difficult to follow.

The temperature was in the low 30s, and the river water was making some
of us sick. The going was slow, especially when we lost Cameron for
about 30 min. Eventually we found him, further ahead long the ridge. We
had lunch on the top of Kingpin mountain, and continued very slowly
along the ridge. Finally, we joined the track about 500 m from the car

We drove back to Tallong and enjoyed some cool drinks and ice-cream from
the General store. We collected the other car from Badgery's lookout,
and drove up the highway to Mittagong, and had dinner at 'The Pampant
Lion' Pub. The menu included T-bone or Rib-eye steak with chips/salad
for only $12.65! All that was left, was the drive back home.

A great walk in a fantastic area. I highly recommend doing a liloing
trip (travelling down stream, of course) from Long Point to Badgery's
spur. This is about 7 km of river. The river flows quite rapidly, so the
going would be easy.

Till next time.......

See ya

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