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Hi all

Below is the Presidents Annual Report for 2001. It is meant to be read out and
accepted during the AGM, but seeing as our AGM is not till the 27 March and
this has to be in by Monday, i thought this was the next best thing (although
i'm sure the sports union could wait a couple of days). If anyone has any
objections or suggestions, let me know ASAP. We also have to provide an "action
photo". I've attached one which i think suits the club well but i don't think
the marketing department will like it much. If anyone can get me something else
by Monday please do so (Dave, Roger, Marcelle got anything better in digital


Sydney University Bushwalkers Annual President's Report 2001

2001 has been a particularly adventurous year for Sydney University 
Bushwalkers. We have continued to run canyoning, mountain biking, cross-country 
skiing and, of course, bushwalking trips of all descriptions. We have continued 
to be an active club with at least one activity occurring most weekends during 
semester and many extended trips in holiday periods. We have also extended our 
reach to a number of international as well as interstate trips and also to a 
wider range of national parks closer to home.

This year has also seen club members become involved in new activities. Thanks 
to Marcelle Gannon, members of the club have taken part in the competitive 
sport of rogaining. We have had club teams competing in rogains, cyclegains and 
metrogains, with teams also entering the EUC rogaining competition. Club 
members also entered this years AUC mountain bike competition. The club was 
also involved in the 'Gumnut Songline Walk' held this year to celebrate the 
listing of the Blue Mountains as a World Heritage Area. 

The club has also had a number of overseas walking trips this year, including 
possibly the first club trip to Papua New Guinea in July to climb its highest 
peak, Mt. Wilhelm (4509m). There were also several trips to New Zealand's north 
and south islands in the summer which has just past. This year also saw a 
number of club trips to Tasmania, during both summer and autumn. 

Beside bushwalking trips the club has continued to run many canyon trips, 
during which some of our veteran members continue to discover new cracks and 
crevices to squeeze into. Mountain bike trips have also been popular this year 
thanks to Greg Smith and aided by the good snow conditions successful 
cross-country ski trips were also held.

The past year has also been good for new member participation. Thanks go to 
Mitchell Issaccs for organising this years beginner canyoning trip, which 
became know as the 'Big Day Out' due to the overwhelming interest shown by new 
club members. 2001's annual Freshers trip, designed to introduce new members to 
overnight bushwalking, was also a success and no doubt the upcoming 2002 
Freshers trip to the Grose Valley will be like wise. The annual Presidents 
Bludge Trip was also popular, however it turned out not to be so much of a 
bludge this year, but a good time was still had by all. To help increase the 
confidence of new members, a navigation training day and a leadership course 
were also run by club members and these will hopefully become a regular event.

On the social front, slide nights continue to be popular, with club members 
been given glimpses of destinations as far as Pakistan, the United Kingdom and 
Spain as well as places a little closer to home such as north western 

The level of membership has remained fairly consistent in comparison to 
previous years, but the level of participation from undergraduate members in 
the club has increased significantly. This is mostly due to the big increase in 
the number of day trips organised by members such as Joe Li. These trips offer 
a wider range of trip difficulty levels for newer members.

The club continues to operate trips safely, even though throughout the year a 
few trips have been overdue. During such trips, club members have demonstrated 
sufficient experience and care to ensure everyone returns safely
This is an accepted challenge of the sport we chose to participate in and some 
may say simply this adds to the sense of adventure.

In the future we need to maintain the level of member participation and 
encourage more members to lead trips. This can be achieved by continuing to 
conduct navigation-training days for new members in the future. Navigation 
skills will also be furthered by members continued involvement in rogaining. 
Further recommendations for the future include organising rope safety training 
days to enable new members to have sufficient rope skills to ensure canyon 
trips continue to run safely. Another issue that could perhaps be addressed is 
the organisation of the club. The club has always been and should always remain 
as informal as possible, which is one of its greatest appeals for many members, 
but a little organisational work now is likely to save lots of work down the 
track. Further issues regarding the sports union include getting the club 
recognised by the women's sports union as there are as many female as male 
members. Another issue that needs to be addressed is increasing the equipment 
storage area available to the club. Many new members rely on club equipment to 
get started but we cannot continue to purchase new equipment if we have nowhere 
to store it.

Finally, I would like to thank Roger Butler, for his work as Treasurer, Greg 
Smith as Gear Officer and the combined efforts of Wendy Au and Albert Chelcheti 
as Secretary. Thanks also go to all those people who have led trips and to all 
the new members who have become more involved in the club this year.


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