[SUBW-A] Claustral Trip

David Noble dnoble at ozemail.com.au
Sun Mar 24 22:29:49 AEDT 2002

Hi all

This is a short report of a private trip - that was inspired by Richard
Wood and Luke Binsted's classic trip a few months back to Mt Hay Canyon
- Mountain bike back to Leura and then biking to Glenbrook via the
Anderson and Oaks trails.

Anyway - Ashley Burke and myself caught the 6am train to Bell and then 
at 8:30am rode our bikes to Mt Tomah - and  then a quick trip through
Claustral Canyon - back up to the bikes and then a ride down to
Richmond. 1 canyon plus a total of 69kms of riding - arriving at
Richmond at 3:30pm.

For the peak of the canyon season - there were no cars at the Tomah car
park when we got there (9:30am) and only one car when we got back up. We
saw no one in the canyon.

Some other things:

Yesterday (Sat) whilst canyon exploring in Wentworth Creek (north of
Wentworth Falls) with Andrew Valja and Zenek Makaruk, in the early
afternoon, Zenek slipped on a rock (or log) and badly gashed his leg.
Fortunately there was a pass nearby - and he was able to walk/climb out
under his own steam - and it wasn't too far back to the car. This was a
very gutsy effort on Zenek's part - as his "gash" was very nasty indeed
- a deep (to the bone) V shaped cut on his shin - about 8 cm long on
each side of the V. He was in Katoomba hospital till late in the evening
- and his wound needed "scrubbing out" and 10 stitches.

Zenek has been on quite a few SUBW canyon trips over the summer, and his
comprehensive first aid kit was useful on an earlier canyon trip to
Wentworth Creek - in November 2001 (with the same party), when Andrew
Valja sustained a very nasty gash to his leg. At the time we thought
Andrew's wound was bad - but Zenek's was far worse.

I have now come to the conclusion that Wentworth Creek in jinxed!

On the Saturday trip - we had planned to drive out along the Mt Hay road
and start from there - but the road is in the process of being graded -
and there was a road closed sign and a barrier not far along it. We got
to the barrier and stopped and pulled out some maps to work out an
alternative trip. One convoy of cars also stopped and decided on an
alternative trip also. However - one party of two 4WD's stopped, came
over and had a chat with us - and said "Oh well - we have 4 wheel
drives, we can go on" - so they dimantled the barrier and drove through
(and put the barrier back up after them).

I wonder if all the grading work may need to be redone? (- or perhaps it
may be better if the NPWS just closes the road)

Press on Regardless

David Noble
dnoble at ozemail.com.au

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