[SUBW-A] Rogaining (again)

Richard Wood rwood at Physics.usyd.edu.au
Thu Mar 28 17:22:00 AEDT 2002

Hi all,
sorry to bug you all again about the rogaining,
but for the people who have expressed interest to me, or for those who 
haven't yet..we're a bit late with the uni entries, but have two teams 
entered so far. I think there is enough interest for more than two 
teams...so...i need people to confirm if they definitely want to go asap. 
We have to pay by next wednesday, thus we really have to sort out teams.
Thus if people definitely want to go, please email me with your phone 
number, and address, and your level of fitness/expectation and next 
Tuesday, we'll finalise the teams, and get everyone to pay. if i've talked 
to you about it, please email to let me know what's happening.

for those who still don't know what its about - its a fun couple of days in 
the bush, kind of like orienteering, but over 24 hours, and in real bush, 
and you get to choose your route. 

have a good weekend
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