[SUBW-A] Trip Report -Mountain Biking/ Canyoning - 4/5 May 02

David Noble dnoble at ozemail.com.au
Mon May 6 20:09:16 AEST 2002

Trip Report -Mountain Biking/ Canyoning - 4/5 May 02

Party (Sat) - Dave Noble, Dave Forbes, Rik Deveridge

On saturday morning we set off early along a rough fireroad in the 
central Blue Mts to the top of the canyon we planned to do. This was 
only 3 kms or so along the road. We hid the bikes in the scrub and set 
off own a ridge into the creek. The creek was quite nice - although dark 
and gloomy. It soon started to drop into a canyon. The first drop - we 
managed to climb down via a convenient log. Then came the best drop - a 
25m abseil down a waterfall into a pool. We were in a classic canyon! 
Below this the canyon was darker, and the next drop appeared soon. This 
abseil brought us into a major creek. We walked and waded upstream for 
about 1km before climbing out to have lunch. Then it was a short walk 
back to the bikes. A fast ride took us back to the car. We returned to 
have a nice counter tea at the Alexandra Hotel at Leura (all meals are 
about $12 and the service was really very good  :-)  )

Dave Forbes headed back to the city and that left only myself and Rik 
for the Sunday trip. We had planned to do a remote canyon in the 
northern Blue Mts, accessible only with a long mountain bike ride. Our 
plans were upset when Rik's ute started to overheat just past the Zig 
Zag turn-off. So "plan B" was decided on - we would ride from the Zig 
Zag to another closer canyon. This proved to be folly! The bike ride was 
very poor - the road was sandy and badly corrugated - not the best 
riding conditions by any means. We did a side trip to a nearby peak - 
and managed to locate an aboriginal cave that I had seen on an earlier 
trip. Unfortunately we did not have maps for the canyon we hoped to 
visit (I was going from memory) - and we approached the canyon from the 
wrong side. This made it very difficult for us to climb into the 
canyon - so we instead were satisfied with an excellent view of it from 
above. Then it was back to the bikes  and another long and tedious ride 
back to the Chifley Highway.


David Noble
dnoble at ozemail.com.au

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