[SUBW-A] Trip report - Royal National Park 5/5/02

Schmelitschek, Cameron (Sydney-LIU) Cameron.Schmelitschek at LibertyInternational.com
Wed May 8 11:30:07 AEST 2002

Party: Roger Butler, Giuseppe, Arwen, James, Daniel, Rob, Cameron
The group met up at the Ottford look-out instead of Central Station as
the Trip-leader had missed the train and driven down.  Instilled with
great confidence in their leader's organisational skills the group set
off for an enjoyable walk up the Coastal track.  
We stopped above Werong beach to enjoy the views, explored Figure 8 pool
and the rock shelf, admired the Spade-head(?) shark in one of the pools
(not the one Roger swam in) and then continued around to Burning Palms
for some swimming and sunning.
Over to Era for lunch and more swimming before heading back via the
Cliff track.  Roger departed at the Farm to find a more exciting route
to Helensbourgh while the rest returned to Ottford.  Arwen and James
volunteered to wait for the train (about 40 minutes) while the others
drove back to the city.  Sitting in traffic on the Princes Highway was
not the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon and I'm sure the train was
the faster option despite the wait.  But the Trip-leader should have
thought that before missing the train in the morning.
A nice way to spend a Sunday with an easy walk in fantastic weather.
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