[SUBW-A] a few things

Richard Wood rwood at Physics.usyd.edu.au
Wed May 8 12:36:12 AEST 2002

Hi everyone,
a few random things coming up...

a) On the last weekend in july, there is a marathon type event involving 
cycling/mountain biking, running/'mountain running' and canoeing (skiing 
was canned this year :( Its called WildTrek, or the Omeo winter classic, 
and there has been a tradition of a group of Syd uni people going down to 
it, usually associated with the canoe club. If anyone is interested in 
going in it this year, please get in touch. Usually usyd does it in teams 
of between 4 and 8, although you can do the whole thing yourself, with or 
without a partner if you want. the pdf info files are on the web at 
http://www.usyd.edu.au/susu/canoe  (under trips). Closing date for entries 
isn't that far away...so get in touch.

b) Mountain designs is having a "mega club sale day" in which they are 
trying to woo clubs in to liking them. They are doing this by offering 20% 
off to everything in store (just to club members i assume..). I think we'd 
like them more if they just gave us stuff..  Its on Tuesday 21st May, 9am-8pm.
         ·       20% OFF EVERY THING IN STORE (Current SALE items and 
SPECIALS excluded)
         ·       By attending the Clubs MEGA Sale Day at our Mountain 
Designs stores you have an opportunity to become a member for life. Renew 
your     membership      for $11 and Mountain Designs will reward you with 
a life membership to the Alliance.(*Special one (1) day offer only)
         ·       Lucky Door Prize: $1000 Winter Clothing Pack* (*NB: 
Selected Winter Clothing for 2 adults and 2 children. One (1) prize winner 
per state.)

c) The OXFAM trailwalker is coming up, and I know there was a bit of 
interest in the club, but a team wasn't able to be entered. However, if 
you'd still like to get involved, they are asking for people to help out on 
the environmental side of things, which is great, cause these kind of 
events can have a significant impact on the environment if not done right. 
Anyway, just thought i'd pass it on.


>Between May 24th - 26th, Oxfam Community Aid Abroad Trailwalker will take
>place. This is an endurance event that requires teams of 4 to traverse
>along the Great North Walk, that means 100 K's in 48 Hours!
>It is an important event, where the money raised goes to Oxfam's many
>international (and national) programs. If you aren't aware of what we do,
>basically Oxfam Community Aid Abroad supports community based self-help
>development projects in over 30 countries around the world, as well as
>responding to disasters and emergencies.
>The bulk of our program work addresses seven themes: human rights, the
>environment, sustainable agriculture, gender & development, community
>health, community education, and indigenous peoples.
>So with our fundraising events like Walk against Want, and now Trailwalker,
>these events do make a difference!
>Because of your organisations active interest in environment protection, we
>feel you could be of great help and service over the weekend! We need a
>group of volunteers to be our environment supervisors. What this entails is
>that you monitor how the walkers and other volunteers are treating the bush
>and the management of waste products. The shifts can vary in duration, from
>4 hours up to 8. But we want to make sure that when Trailwalker starts on
>Friday the 24th, that we make sure we keep in mind the safety of the bush.
>This is how you can help out!
>If you are interested in helping out, feel free to contact Oxfam. Either
>email : trailwalker at sydney.caa.org.au, or call  (02) 8204 3900. Both Yvette
>Zudinan and myself are looking after the volunteers for the event, so just
>ask for either of us!
>If you know of anyone else who you think would be able to help out, please
>refer him or her on to us via the above methods!
>I look forward to hearing from you!
>Kind regards,
>Monica Barten

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