[SUBW-A] Trip report - Navigation practice day 18th May

Marcelle Gannon marcelle.gannon at altium.com.au
Mon May 20 08:58:21 AEST 2002

Trip participants:  Niki, Nicki, Sally, Sally, Andrew, Terry, Cat, Cameron,
Robbie, Stuart, Greg, Daniel, Joe, Marcelle.

We met at the North Richmond bakery at 10am and headed to Burralow Swamp,
near Kurrajong.  After some complicated transport arrangements we all
arrived at the Burralow Swamp campground and picnic area to find not a crowd
of 4WDs whose owners liked to drive 100m to the toilet (that was last
week!), but a swarm of scouts in tents.  After a brief lesson on how to
navigate (thanks Joe for your help here!) and some debate over the relative
merits of my navigation system and Joe's navigation system, we set off for
checkpoint no 1, up a hill towards Patterson's Ridge, with everyone's
compass out and checking our route.  Fortunately Cat did not fall in the
creek this time.  We stopped near the top for some lunch.

After lunch we split up into 3 groups and headed off a few minutes apart to
find the other 4 checkpoints.   I can't speak for the groups I was not with
but my group did a great job of reading the map and compass and working
together to get where we wanted to go.  Unfortunately their trusty leader
(who had lent her compass to someone) had stopped for photos of the great
hairy trees regenerating after the fires and in trying to catch them up
managed to get herself quite lost.  I think it was the sun disappearing that
confused me the most - I shouldn't have needed a compass given that I only
had to walk about 200 metres up a spur to a road ... but after turning
around a few times to take photos of the vegetation I got a bit disoriented,
and with no sun to guide me headed off a different spur entirely ... I
reached the road about half an hour after I expected to and was very
relieved to find my group.  We charged on to the lookout and the other
groups who had got quite cold waiting for us!

After admiring the view of the Grose River for a few minutes we cut across
to the next spur which had a track on it and followed this back to the road
to the campground.  After another complicated transport arrangement (a bit
colder than the first time!) we were back in North Richmond and enjoying
some pizza.

Now the plug for the rogaine ... If you liked the navigation day or you'd
like to have a bit of fun and practise navigation at the same time, the
annual 6 hour Paddy Pallin rogaine is on the 16th June.  Entries need to be
in by the 3rd June but they often close earlier if all the places are taken
so get your teams organised now!  Email me if you have any questions.


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