[SUBW-A] Re: [SUBW] Trip this weekend

Richard Wood rwood at Physics.usyd.edu.au
Thu May 23 16:03:39 AEST 2002

just confirming that i'm planning to do the blackheath to mittagong ride on 
Saturday, and would appreciate a bit of company if someone would like to 
join me.
plan is to leave (very) early on saturday morning, and hopefully get to 
Mittagong for the last train back to sydney.

At 09:02 PM 21/05/2002 +1000, Richard Wood wrote:
>Hi all,
>i've got a free weekend this weekend, and hence am keen to go on a trip 
>somewhere. I haven't thought far enough ahead to think of what, but i'm 
>contemplating either a two day walk of fairly hard standard, a two day 
>mountain bike trip, or a combination of the two. If you are interested in 
>any of these options, or have any suggestions let me know. I'm thinking 
>Blue Mountains/Wild Dogs, but could be fairly easily dissuaded to 
>somewhere else.
>ps - an option may be the Blackheath to Mittagong (or alternatively 
>Picton) ride in either two days or 24 hours, depending on how much of a 
>challenge is desired, and how much gear we want to take. its about 160km i 
>think.. interested?
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