[SUBW-A] addendum to Jon Beves' trip report

Tim Svenson tsvenson at ozemail.com.au
Sun May 26 20:10:32 AEST 2002

Jon left us on the track from the top of the middle falls to the bottom
of the middle falls, just around from the top of the middle falls. Yeah,
at the most precarious and exposed bit there is at Wentworth Falls.

I told him we wouldn't go further than the west end of the cliff without
waiting for his return, but afterwards realised that if Katherine were
to get back to the station by 14:35 this would not be possible. I was
going where Katherine went, and cousin Ben was going where I went.
Whatsisface tore off ahead of us at the west end of the cliff. This just
left Karsten able to wait. Not surprisingly, he chose not to. Thus none
of us waited for Jon anywhere...

Note on lingering at the bottom of the lower falls: when the valley wind
is blowing in the same direction of the water, one gets wet, slowly.

The bakery and pie shop near the station is rather good. It even manages
to do decent pretzels. Unserer Deutscher (Karsten) glaubt dass sie gut

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