[SUBW-A] Walk to the peaks, of which there are three

David Oslington davidos at mpx.com.au
Sun May 26 21:33:24 AEST 2002

I'm doing a walk from Fri night 21 Jun till Sun night 23 Jun. The plan is to drive to Kanangara Walls & then climb 3 well known peaks. According to the wise elders, this is not technically a "3 peaks" trip because it starts from Kanangara rather than Katoomba. It will be a hard walk with 2 or 3 * 900m climbs, suitable for those who are confident to navigate on their own at night away from tracks.

Aa a bonus, it is the winter solstice. If you want to come along send me an e-mail.

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David Oslington
davidos at mpx.com.au
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