[SUBW-A] Disjointed walks at Wentworth Falls.

Jonathon Beves beves_j at chem.usyd.edu.au
Mon May 27 13:14:54 AEST 2002

I met Tim, Katherine, Karsten, Ben and Dean at Wentworth Falls station on 
time and ready to go, despite the threat of continuing bad weather. The 10 
or so other people who said they were coming did not show up, probably 
scared away by the nasty weather the day before. Nicola and Ben (different 
Ben) had succeeded in getting the wrong train, but since they come all the 
way out to Penrith and called me early, I agreed I'd meet them an hour 
late. Meanwhile the rest of us drove to Wentworth Falls and began the walk 
across the top of the falls. There was a lot of fog, and it was not 
possible to see very far. Not wanting to make people stand and wait 30 min 
for me to go back and collect Nicola and Ben, I suggested they start 
walking and we'd catch up, which appeared to be a satisfactory arrangement. 
Not 35min later I was back with Nicola and Ben to the place I had left the 
others . We walked relatively quickly and I was frankly very surprised when 
we had walked all the back to the picnic area, via Slack's Stairs and the 
Overcliff Walk,  without meeting the others - perhaps they had thought it 
was a marathon??! Back at the top of the cliffs the view was great as all 
the fog had lifted and it was easy to see across Jamison Valley and beyond. 
We admired the view for a while then drove back to the station and had 
yummy fish and chips to un-do all that exercise before heading home.

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