[SUBW-A] Trip report: Goulburn River Nat Park

Anthony Dunk AnthonyD at rocketmail.com
Sun Sep 8 22:42:15 AEST 2002

Party: Bruce, Sam, Anthony
Map: Mt Misery 1:25000

Friday: Sam & I drove up via Wollombi, stopping for a pleasant beer and
hamburger at the old pub. When we reached the Hunter Valley, we dropped
into ArrowField's for some wine tasting and stocked up on red for the

We visited Lees Pinch lookout for a few sunset photos and then headed
north to White Box camp. The campground was basic - just an open
woodland at the end of a fire-trail - but comfortable. We soon had a
warm campfire going and started on the wine while we waited for Bruce
to turn up. A friendly possum kept us amused.

Saturday: In the morning we did a car shuffle, leaving my car back at
Lees Pinch. We all then set off on foot, heading west from White Box
camp along the ridge to Goulburn River.

The river banks made for pleasant walking and the river was surrounded
by interesting cliffs and caves. There were plenty of animals including
roos, wombats (yes, even out grazing in the bright daylight!), and a
goanna. There were also a few ear-marked cattle along the river -
possibly belonging to farmers downstream. The river itself was full of
big carp - an introduced pest. One of the carp found its way into our
lunch-time fire and we sampled the meat. It was edible, but that's
about all you could say about it.

After lunch, Sam and I dumped our packs and followed Bruce out along
Rocky Creek to make sure he got safely to the old fire-trail which led
back to White Box camp, and his car. Sam and I then pushed on a
kilometre down the river to make camp on a grassy flat below a big

Sunday: We broke camp and took a leisurely stroll down river to the
twin 50 metre waterfalls marked on the topo. They were hard to spot
from the river, but on close inspection we found one of them was
contained in a short narrow canyon. The other was near some really
massive slabs of rocks which were separated from the main cliff by a
dramatic metre-wide slot and looked just about ready to fall into the
river below.

Continuing downstream we walked around the big hair-pin in the river
and explored up the creek which heads north-west. This was a pleasant
dry canyon, walled in by 100 metre cliffs. Sand-paper fig trees grew in
profusion in the moist soil.

Finally we returned to the hair-pin bend of the river, had lunch, and
then ascended the creek which heads south-east towards the road. It was
quite scrubby but we eventually broke out onto the road. It took us
about 4 hours to drive home via Wollombi.

A great trip in perfect spring weather.


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