[SUBW-A] Trip Report: Grand Canyon Daywalk

Mal McLeod m.mcleod at chem.usyd.edu.au
Mon Sep 9 08:33:03 AEST 2002

Party: Beth, Benoit, Christian, Christina, David, JJ, Lynne, Mal, Martin, 
Patricia, Renai, Rosaline.

The twelve of us met up opposite the Bakery in Blackheath. Several short 
preparatory expeditions  were made by party members to this establishment 
prior to setting out. It was a beautiful day with bright sunshine and a 
fresh breeze. Drove to Govett's Leap and parked up before heading out on 
brisk warm up along the clifftop track to Evans Lookout. Two of our party 
saw a small brown snake which was reluctant to give way to walkers - or 
simply too sluggish to move far off the track. Great views of the valley 
along this section of the walk. Took particular interest in Carne wall 
opposite Evans Lookout where some of us had walked prior to the pub crawl. 
Christina and Lynne left us at Evans Lookout to return to Blackheath. 
Clearly the lure of hot coffee and cake appealing more than the delights of 
the Grand Canyon or the threat posed by poisonous snakes on the clifftop 

The remainder of the party wandered up to Neats Glen and then down into the 
Grand Canyon where we paused for lunch just prior to the tunnel. After 
lunch we continued our stroll down the Canyon. It looked fabulous as always 
with the weak dappled Spring sunshine playing on the canyon floor. It was 
still moist and cool in the depths of the canyon but not as wet as I recall 
it being on my previous previous visit.

The party decided to walk down the short slope at the end of the Grand 
Canyon to see Beauchamp Falls. Following this it was an gentle climb up the 
track to Evans Lookout and a return along the clifftop track as the shadows 
lengthened in the valley below. After a short discussion amongst the party 
members we adjourned to the Gardiners Hotel for further discussion and 
refreshments prior to the drive back to Sydney. In all a very pleasant 
spring stroll. Thanks to all who attended and especially our drivers, 
Martin, Christina and David.



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