[SUBW-A] Trip Report: Canyoning 7 Sept 2002

Mitchell Isaacs misaacs at student.usyd.edu.au
Mon Sep 9 12:18:00 AEST 2002

The party: Dave Noble (Bad Dave), Dave Forbes, Mitchell Isaacs

We got off to a fairly late start as Bad Dave woke me up in my car as he & Dave arrived at the North Richmond bakery at 9:30am. We were cycling out to our canyon, so with sorting out our bikes & gear, and the drive out to the start of our ride, we didn't end up leaving the car until almost noon.

After a quick ride along the fire trail, we were near our intended canyon. The Daves (both of whom brought their digital video cameras along) insisted I ride up and back down the last hill so they could get some footage, from multiple angles. We stashed our bikes, and after a Bad Dave 5 mins (15 mins real time) we were in our canyon. The canyon was dark and very narrow, with some narrow abseils, and we had to squirm our way through some of the narrower parts. The going was very slow as the techno-phile Daves spent about 30mins videoing for each 5mins of going through the canyon. Just when it seemed as if they were done, and packing up to move along, Bad Dave would then pull out his new digital still camera, just in case his 5 hours of video footage didn't turn out.

We continued through the canyon, and finally emerged after an interesting slide down a couple of logs. The bottom of a nearby canyon beckoned, and we had a look at the bottom section of this magnificent canyon until our way was blocked by a waterfall. After climbing out via a nearby creek, we had a very interesting walk back to the bikes, passing through a very primordial feeling swamp.

We got back to the bikes, and decided to ride out even further to a lookout that the Daves knew, and arrived there shortly before sunset. The ride back was mostly in the dark, and one party member (who will remain nameless) had to ride back without his shorts, as they had disintegrated on the climb out. None of the hoardes of tourists seemed to mind though.

We arrived back at the car early in the evening, with only one minor mechanical problem suffered by Bad Dave on his ride back (his cleat twisted).

A good days spring canyoning with perfect weather.

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