[SUBW-A] presidents bludge trip

Richard Wood rwood at Physics.usyd.edu.au
Tue Sep 10 14:09:05 AEST 2002

Dear all,

the annual president's bludge trip will once again be happening this 
October long weekend, on the dates of the 5th-7th.

its a walk open to all people, preferably with a bit of walking experience 
though, and will visit the magnificent Kowmung River in the spectacular 
Kanangra-Boyd Wilderness Area. A significant feature of the weekend is the 
various activities to complement the walking, including the sampling of 
various fine wines, including, no doubt, "Stanley", "Morris" and even some 
proper wine...plus a bit of trout tickling, games of volleyball, and lots 
of opportunity for swimming and relaxing.

its good to bring a bit of food and wine to share, and its generally 
advisable to leave a bit of room for Roger, Marcelle and co.'s famous 
deserts (assuming they'll be making an apperance?)

this year, we'll ensure its more of a bludge trip, (if people want to do a 
bit extra they can do a creek on the way down or something). Likely area is 
either Cambage spire to Christy's junction, then down stream to Orange 
Bluff or so, or alternatively, drop in around Orange Bluff and head down 
from there (open to preferences)

so keep the weekend free, as it is compulsory to come along...and will be a 
great time..

more details to come, but please feel free to drop me a line for q's or to 
let me know if you anticipate coming along.


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