[SUBW-A] Unofficial Trip Report - Canyoning 15-16 Sep 02

David Noble dnoble at ozemail.com.au
Tue Sep 17 17:49:38 AEST 2002

Unofficial Trip Report - Canyoning 15-16 Sep 02

A mixed group from SUBW (me, Zenek and Richard) joined up with Martin 
(SUSS and UTSOAC), Hanna (UTSOAC) and Alan and Megan (SUSS). We headed 
out along the same dirt road on mountain bikes that I had been along a 
week earlier - went to a nice lookout and then down a pass and up 
another pass to the head of a set of nice canyons. We went down one of 
them - it had six short abseils (Richard jumped the last one) - and 1 
swim (luckily the swim coincided with the jump of Richard's). Then back 
up a pass back to the bikes - then a ride back in the dark to the cars 
(sounds familiar eh Mitch?)

We camped at the Barcoo Swamp campsite - and were too tired to finish 
Richard's wine......

On Sunday, a smaller group (Zenek was only up for Sat, and Megan was 
studying) visited another nearby dry canyon - and had a good time and 
went back to the car via another canyon. Later in the afternoon we 
looked in on the Dry Canyon.

Unfortunately we had a slight mechanical mishap on the way down the 
mountains - but the NRMA guy at Bilpin got us going again.

You can look at pics at:



David Noble
dnoble at ozemail.com.au

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