Richard Wood rwood at Physics.usyd.edu.au
Thu Sep 19 11:23:10 AEST 2002

Hi everyone,

this is a reminder about the president's bludge trip coming to a kowmung 
river near you on the 5th-7th of October. I've just realised i'm going to 
be away for a while, so thought it best if the organisation starts now, so 
that at least a bit of it can get done before i dump it on someone else...

thus, start letting me know if you are thinking of coming along, whether 
you have a car or not, any special requirements or anything else...
with transport, most people will be leaving Sydney on the Friday 4th 
evening, travelling up through the blue mountains, then camping out near 
the start on the friday night. so if you can fit in with that, it'd be 
great. however, just to be annoying, i can't fit in with that, as i don't 
get back into sydney till 6am on the saturday...hence, is there one car 
that would like to leave at around 6:30-7am on the saturday morning?? Also, 
some people have to come back on the Sunday evening, so let me know if you 
have to be added to that list.

just to remind you, the pbt is an annual outing to the Kowmung River in 
Kanagra Boyd N.P. - west (and a little south) of the Blue Mountains. Its a 
pretty magic place, and there'll be plenty of opportunity to take it all 
in, with mandatory activities of bludging, drinking wine, eating, swimming, 
volleyball, frisbee...and even walking.

you'll probably want to have at least done a little bushwalking before, as 
there is a big down on the first day, and a corresponding up on the last 
day, but if you're fit enough, you should be fine... you should also be 
able to carry a heavy pack, as copious amounts of wine and gourmet food can 
weigh you down somewhat...

other than that, come along!

ps - please let me know if you want to come and any requirements by email, 
but if you want to discuss anything, or ask any in depth questions, see if 
you can make it to the slide night next wednesday - that'll be the best 
time to talk, and will save me writing 10000 emails...or give me a call on 
9557 6846 (h) 9351 3384 (uni).

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