[SUBW-A] Critical Mass!!

Richard Wood rwood at Physics.usyd.edu.au
Wed Sep 25 15:39:40 AEST 2002

Hi all,

Critical Mass is on again this friday - the monthly celebration of human 
powered transport (ie BIKES, unibikes?, skates, feet..!)

The ride meets at Hyde Park North end at 5:30pm, and then heads off in some 
direction for an hour or so...

If anyone is riding down from uni, we'll meet outside Fisher Library before 
heading down to Hyde Park. Leaving about 5:15 to get down there by 5:30. If 
we get enough people (ie >1..), we can even have our own little cm on the 
way there..


for people who haven't heard of it or participated in it before, maybe 
check out http://nccnsw.org.au/~cmass/index.shtml its very fun, and you 
have several hundred people around you to scare away all the cars... a good 
way to check out the city, have a ride, or celebrate the holidays..

ps - does anyone know where its ending up?
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